Carrie Irvine – Member

Carrie has held a number of senior leadership roles, including Executive Director of Operations for Scope, the large national disability charity and Chief Operating Officer for Ambito, an Independent provider of services for Adults and Children with complex, health and learning disabilities including pre-school, education and fostering.

She has extensive experience of leading national portfolios through organisational transformation and improvement processes and enjoys building high performing teams.

Carrie is also an Independent member of an Audit and Risk Committee for the charity, Signhealth and in her spare time she enjoys the demands of her small holding which includes 24 animals, travel and relaxing with her family.

Roderick Newbery – Member

Rod has recently retired from a medium sized business, headquartered in Cambridge with offices around the world. The company provides niche technology and engineering consultancy services. Rod’s background is in engineering, but he also has Open University Business School qualifications in Finance & Accounting and Marketing.

He was one of the directors of the new company formed by a management buy-out from the Company’s founder in 2001.  As the new Company’s managing director, he initiated a very successful period of expansion, which led to the Company becoming pre-eminent in its field and laid the foundations for its global expansion.

Rod’s job required him to work alongside lawyers, so it was important that he was able to explain complex issues to people possibly with a limited understanding of technical subjects, as well as being able to follow and respond to legal documents.  A key component of his work was to give evidence as an expert witness in County, High and Sherriff Courts and to an Inquest, which required a comprehensive understanding of the key issues in each case and the ability to think clearly under pressure.

Rod has a keen interest in voluntary work. For a while Rod was a volunteer community mediator, but unfortunately loss of funding for the organisation meant that this activity ceased.  Currently, Rod is looking to re-engage with voluntary work.

In his spare time Rod likes to play tennis and go for walks. He is also a classic car enthusiast, so, since he has just retired, he will be tidying the garage.

Shirley Girling – Member

Shirley has worked in the financial and professional services industry for over 25 years working in a variety of roles as a lawyer in private practice and subsequently in-house for a number of companies in the financial services sector.

Shirley has experience amongst other things in governance, financial services regulation and risk management.  She is also a governor of The Albany.