Engaging learners to
enhance their life
opportunities and

Being part of the Believe Engage Succeed Trust means working together as a team of schools, and involving everyone in moving forward. 

The Executive Team complement each other to build a Trust that will ensure that children with SEND can access quality provision.

Jan Hatchell ~ BEST CEO


In February 2019, three schools came together in partnership to create BEST because they share the same passion for ensuring that education succeeds for all. 


The three schools are sharing their innovative best practice with each other to build a Trust-wide approach specialist education, which is firmly grounded in proven research. The approaches being deployed are Thrive, SCERTS and Behaviour Watch. 


There are three schools in the Believe Engage Succeed Trust 

Albany – Bury St Edmunds, Riverwalk – Bury St Edmunds & Warren – Lowestoft


Academy trusts must publish accessible and up to date details of governance arrangements.


Our ethos is rooted in relational approaches and operates with a framework of rights and responsibilities.
We ensure staff are knowledgeable in effective strategies grounded in the theory for creating sustainable change in children and young people. Our approach is to reaffirm and celebrate positive behaviours and always challenge unwanted behaviours calmly and assertively.